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Processing is a simplified programming language used by artists, designers or students to create images, animations and sounds. It was born in the Aesthetics and Computation group of the MIT and its main purpose was to establish a bridge between artists and engineers. They though the best way of using a computer as an expression element was talking to it in its own language. But programming languages were too difficult. That's why they created Processing, a programming language so easy that anyone could use it but at the same time so powerful it is possible to do almost everything with it.

DotNetProcessing started as a student final project in the Barcelona School of Informatics. Its mainly goal is to construct an operative port of the original Processing language (which is based on Java) to the Microsoft .NET framework, extending it with specific tools focused on this platform. This parallel software includes intresting features related to .NET like multiple syntaxes, user control sketch exportation or mono compatibility.

who is under DotNetProcessing ?

Jonatan Rubio jonir at users.sourceforge.net
Santi Serrano santisg at users.sourceforge.net
Marco A. Peña marcoa at ac.upc.edu
Juan Lopez lopez at ac.upc.edu